Electrical, Mechanical, Hvac & Gas
@24Hr Planned Preventative Maintenance Services

Electrical, Mechanical, Hvac & Gas

Electrical, Mechanical, Hvac & Gas

The core services from any PPM service fall under Electrical, Mechanical, Hvac & Gas.

This is where any building maintenance schedule starts, to ensure the core elements of your plantroom are looked after, functioning, efficient, cost effective and suitable for the job in hand.

It is so important to keep these key ‘back-end elements’ in good working order as the failure of these could have serious impact on the operational elements of your own business.

At 24hr Solutions, we understand this. We separate ourselves from the competition to try and understand the key operational elements of your own business. Only once we fully understand the functionality of your premises and business can we recommend a sensible PPM schedule and propose this against the cost implications of down time to plant equipment and therefore the knock-on effect to your own business.

With this full understanding, we can ensure you are fully covered, fully compliant and reduce your own risk and liability.

Our engineers are fully qualified in their own sectors, from Electrical Engineering, Gas Safe, Hvac and Mechanical Engineering.

Please give us a call to arrange for a free no obligation quote on the core ‘back-end’ elements of your building and see how much you can safe whilst limiting downtime.

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